Math Movies

The fifth graders at Eisenhower created movies using pictures of items, PhotoStory and Windows Live Movie Maker.

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Circles-DCAH We see circles all around us. Learning what the different parts of a circle are can be very useful. In this video you will learn about the following terms: Diameter, radius, arc, chord, and circumference.

Circles-JWT Geometry is all around us. You could use diameter to measure the distance across a trash can. You would use arc in real life at the monkey bars to see part of the circle. You could measure your trampoline by finding the circumference.

Geometry-ASB Our math movie is about geometry. It demonstrates the meaning of the words and shows them in the real world. Our movie includes the following:

-Octagon- an 8 sided polygon
-Trapezoid- an equilateral with one pair of parallel sides
-Polygon- a closed figure made up of line segments
-Shape congruence- shapes that are the same size and same shape
-Quadrilateral- 4 sided polygon
-Prism- a solid object with two identical ends and all flat sides

Geometry-CGT Geometry is all around us. Everywhere you look see shapes of all different sizes. By knowing the different geometry terms for these shapes will help you to be able to truly understand each one of them.

Measurement-AGB This movie is about measurement. It includes volume, unit cube, cubic meter, ounce, and stem and leaf plot. You will need to use all of these in the real world. On the whole, this movie is a measurement movie that will help you with your measurement vocabulary words.

Number Sense-CJE The inverse of something is the opposite of the operation. They undo each other. The prime number is the number that has only two factors. Those factors are 1 and itself. Composite numbers have more than two factors. These are all part of the number sense family.

Number Sense-CJE In our movie the following number sense terms are displayed in the following way: Greatest common factor is showing that three can go into nine evenly. Least common multiple shows that five and two have a common multiple of 10. Percent shows discounts from magazines or stores and is in the shape of a percent sign.

Number Sense-MMH Number sense is used worldwide for numerous things. The words that are most commonly used are prime numbers, composite numbers, and inverse operations. We all know that math is important to the world. Many kids learn these words in math class, and it will become useful in the future to them.

Number Sense-MMR Sometimes it is important to be able to find the least common multiple or the greatest common factor between a set of numbers. Also, in the real world we are constantly seeing things in the form on percentages. This video will help you to understand the meanings of these words.

Properties of Multiplication & Addition-JKJ We usually don't see the names of the math properties anywhere, but guess what? We sure do use them in everyday life. The properties are used to help make the math we see, easier to solve.

Property-SCL The three properties of multiplication and addition are associative, commutative, and distributive property. Associative property is the property that groups numbers together to get the same product or sum. Commutative property is the property that state you can add or multiply any number in any order and get the same product or sum. Distributive property is the property that allows you to multiply the numbers outside the parenthesis to each number inside the parenthesis. They are distributing themselves.

Fractions-ARO In our movie, fractions are represented in the following way: Fractions contain common fractions, reciprocals, equivalent fractions, and improper fractions. In common fractions the denominators are the same so you can just add across. In the reciprocal example, the first set is tomato soup and chicken soup, but it is reversed in the second set. In equivalent fractions there are two candy pieces on top and four on the bottom. Then it is reduced in the second set to one candy on the top of two candy pieces. Next, in the improper fraction example, there are eleven popsicle sticks on top of one popsicle stick.

Fractions-KABC In the video we showed examples of fractions that are used every day. The terms that we focused on were common fractions, improper fractions, equivalent fractions, and reciprocal. We hope that you enjoy our show.

Measurement-JSJ You can find different types of measurement all around you. Some jobs require working with measurement on an everyday basis. The terms you will find in our math movie are ounce, stem and leaf plot, volume, unit cubed, and cubic meter.

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